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Patents associated with Horsetail extracts and benefits



Extraction technique involving the use of ethanol and biological agents (e.g. bacteria, enzymes, yeast or combination
thereof) for the extraction of silica from horsetail weeds

US 08026086

Table containing various active ingredients from plants used in a traditional Chinese medicine including horsetail with enhanced absorption and bioavailability which can treat allergic rhinitis (claimed).


Food additive composition containing various ingredients from natural sources including horsetail (as a source of plant silica) which can be used in various food products. This composition involved in the food product containing beneficial elements for dental health, preferably to reduce caries and strengthen the teeth, gums and bone tooth.


Composition comprises a mixture of extracts from seven plants including E. arvense. Patent claims to control and help in breaking alcohol dependency.


Method for preparing silicate extracting solution and silicon supplementing material for producing food or feed from horsetail.

CN102389107-A CN102389107-B

Medicative herb composition containing horsetail sprouts and other plant material for body healing. This composition can be used to restore the normal functions of the body using non-traditional methods and medicinal plants and herbs.


Hair-developing and hair-blackening shampoo containing traditional Chinese medicine extract comprising e.g. palm fruit, jujube and field horsetail, and synergistic agent comprising e.g. tyrosine, and copper oxide can be used for detoxifying, nourishing Yin and supplementing kidney, restoring hair follicle, promoting hair thickening and growth, and treating alopecia and withered hair.


Composition containing pine bark extract, caffeine, curcumin, resveratrol, horsetail extract, L-cysteine, methylsulfonylmethane, biotin, and vitamin B6 can be used in the form of tablet, powder or liquid for maintaining hair growth, strength and condition, and/or reduction of hair loss (claimed).